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The Forestias Wins 3 Design Awards

20 May 2021
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  • The Forestias Wins 3 Design Awards
The Forestias Wins 3 Design Awards

The Forestias Wins 3 Design Awards

April 2021, Bangkok – The Forestias by MQDC has taken 3 awards in the global MUSE Design Awards 2021, in its categories of “Master Planning”, “Conceptual”, and “Sustainable Living/Green”.

The Forestias, a 64-hectare forested district at Bangna, is known as the world’s first town designed in every aspect for healthier, happier living.

Built for sustainable happiness with green transport and a host of onsite amenities for leisure, sport, culture, and healthcare, the project won “Platinum” for “Master Planning”.

The Forest Pavilion at The Forestias, a spectacular 6,500 sqm visitor center providing an incredible immersive experience through MQDC’s collaboration with global partners, took “Gold” in the “Conceptual Category”.

MUSE Design Awards further recognized the Forest Pavilion, and its stunning features such as its ‘Chamber of Secrets’ and ‘The Wall’, a microLED display with AI picture enhancement, with “Silver” for “Sustainable Living/Green”.

MUSE Design Awards is a part of the MUSE Awards Program, created by the International Awards Associate (IAA) in 2015.

MUSE Design Awards is described as an international competition for designers whose craftsmanship shift paradigms. Their ingenuity and thorough works leave others in awe, and in so doing redefine boundaries and scope – much like a muse.

Discover sustainable well-being at The Forestias today: