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MQDC-Linked Metaverse Project Moves Ahead

1 month ago
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  • MQDC-Linked Metaverse Project Moves Ahead
MQDC-Linked Metaverse Project Moves Ahead

MQDC-Linked Metaverse Project Moves Ahead

9 May 2022, Bangkok – T&B Media Global (Thailand) is accelerating the development of its Translucia Metaverse with three global partners, who flew in for a brainstorming workshop to finalize its conceptual design and key components.

MQDC is a partner in developing this virtual world, which will apply innovative technology for well-being and link to property in the real world.

After announcing the project and hosting the Metaverse Unlimited forum, T&B has gained tremendous interest from experts, academics, and developers. 

The brainstorming session featured Pellar Technology, a blockchain technology designer; ITEC Entertainment, a theme park designer; and Two Bulls, a developer of games and activities for entertainment, education, and health.

Dr. Jwanwat said: "Translucia is delighted that the world's foremost experts in fields related to metaverse development are joining forces with us. These partners' tremendous experience and expertise are crucial to making dreams and fantasies a reality in Translucia Metaverse.

“It will be a world of happiness and smiles where people can live their lives, join a community, work, and engage in commercial activities amid new forms of society and entertainment, moving without limits between the real world and virtual worlds."

Explore Translucia Metaverse >>> CLICK 

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