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MQDC Explains “Metaverse in Real Estate” at MDS Thailand 2022

1 month ago
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  • MQDC Explains “Metaverse in Real Estate” at MDS Thailand 2022
MQDC Explains “Metaverse in Real Estate” at MDS Thailand 2022

MQDC Explains “Metaverse in Real Estate” at MDS Thailand 2022

26 April 2022, Bangkok – Mr. Parut Penpayap, Senior Vice President of the Creative Lab by MQDC, the property developer within DTGO, spoke at the “Metaverse & Digital Solutions (MDS) Thailand 2022” online conference in its “Session 4: Real Estate” on “How the Metaverse Will Transform Real Estate”, held on Facebook Live by True Digital Solutions.

Mr. Penpayap explained that metaverse technology is now at an early stage, like the start of the internet. Comprehensive new technology and concepts such as liability, immersive experience, extended reality will take 4 or 5 years, bringing mass adoption and the metaverse economy, seamlessly integrating blockchain.

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“Internet of Place” is the definition of the metaverse in real estate, with cutting-edge technologies such as interpretability, Web 3.0, and blockchain. The internet will become a place where people can do activities previously only possible in the real world, providing an experience beyond imagination for all users without limits.

“If we want to sell the project before it's finished, it's not just a VR display or an immersive experience. It's a simulation that gives customers a unique experience as if they were in a real show unit, without having to travel to the actual place,” Mr. Penpayap said.

He also explained the “omniverse” in terms of architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), an extension of building information modeling using Unreal Engine and Unity to enhance realism through design expertise.

“In the future, if you buy a house in the real world, you may be offered a virtual property, which is your home but in a virtual world. Or you could rent an office that gives you an additional virtual office space, meeting the demand of the new business market. It’s a rare opportunity for the real estate sector.”

MQDC aims to make real estate a living experience and a service for everyone. The metaverse will be key to integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance living experience and provide premium services to all residents, so that the company can be a leading real estate developer in both the real and virtual worlds.

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