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MQDC Invests Globally with DTGO Prosperous (DTP)

3 days ago
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MQDC Invests Globally with DTGO Prosperous (DTP)

MQDC Invests Globally with DTGO Prosperous (DTP)

3 November 2022, Bangkok – DTGO Prosperous (DTP), a subsidiary of MQDC, has announced plans to invest and fundraise focused on high-quality assets in Thailand and abroad in 4 areas: global investment, asset management, fund management, innovative businesses.


Mr. Hansa Susayan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DTP, said that DTP is focused on high-quality assets and real estate that generates steady returns, including innnovative businesses for a diversified investment base.


DTP was set up about 5 years ago as a DTGO investment and fundraising company to support the group’s socially and environmentally sustainable business. DTP operates in 4 areas:


- Global investment, in high-quality real estate around the world such as the acquisition in 2019 of UK hotels managed by leading international chains such as Hilton, IHG, and Marriott, with growing value and appeal for investors.

- Asset management, creating added value in areas including staff, community, and society. The company’s UK hotels, for example, kept all their 1,200 staff during the pandemic.

- Fund management, raising funds in various forms to find opportunities and generate future returns in private equity from many high-quality assets around the world.

- VC & innovative investment, investing in technology and innovation businesses with growth potential for the well-being of all life (“For All Well-Being”).


Mr. Thiti Thongbenjamas, President of DTP, said the company gives similar weight to each of the 4 areas. Over the next two years, the company will look for global investment opportunities in high-quality real estate, especially in areas with growth potential in Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.

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