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Publish : 3 years ago | Blog

Because you can’t grow a sustainable forest ecosystem unless you think big. And you can’t create a mixed-use community with every amenity for life, with shops, healthcare, sport, leisure, workings spaces… unless you think big.

When construction is in full swing, in fact, The Forestias will be a sizeable slice of building work across Thailand. The 300 rai project, at an investment of THB90bn, is a big undertaking by any measure.

How can we be confident to work on this huge scale?

For a start, MQDC, the developer behind The Forestias, is no stranger to ambitious projects.

As a joint venture partner in ICONSIAM, MQDC recently completed Thailand’s latest landmark and its tallest tower. The 316-meter Magnolias Waterfront Residences is just one of 3 constructions by MQDC among Thailand’s 10 tallest buildings.

MQDC is also internationally recognized for its sophisticated building techniques, landing a global award for its full-cycle use of building information modeling (BIM).

But the key to The Forestias is teamwork. To ensure success on this scale, MQDC reached out around the world for ideas and talent.

MQDC has worked on the project with UK-based Foster + Partners, the masterplan designer and architecture company. Global design firm Atelier Ten is helping reduce environmental impact and ensure balance and sustainability through innovations.

US-based theme park specialist ITEC Entertainment is in charge of experience and entertainment. The famed luxury hotel chain Six Senses will supply hospitality and residential management services.

Canada’s Baycrest will be bringing expertise in services for older people developed over 100 years of providing eldercare in Toronto.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health from the United States is joining to conduct innovative scientific research and data collection on the impact of the project’s landscape and design features on human health.

With partners of this quality, The Forestias can confidently take on the challenge of creating an entire new district. Together we can embrace the scale required to fulfill the promise of ‘sustainable happiness’. Because bigger isn’t always better, but sometimes better is also bigger.

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