The benefits of a condo with a spacious garden
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The benefits of a condo with a spacious garden

Publish : 2 years ago | Blog

Gardens and a good view promote improved health for vertical community living

Did you know that green spaces and good views can soothe residents' minds? For this reason, many cities, like Singapore, decided to develop the city along with preserved green spaces. Research has shown that having gardens or green spaces in housing areas is beneficial for residents. So, when you are looking for a vertical community living option, consider one with a spacious garden and other factors like location and facilities. There are many advantages that green spaces provide to condo residents:

Vertical community living options with gardens can help reduce stress. - The Forestias

Reduce stress and anxiety

Have you ever noticed that many people who work hard in an office tend to be interested in gardening or living in a condominium with a big garden? That is because green spaces help reduce mental stress and anxiety. 

Researchers in Australia conducted a study on how loneliness from living alone is connected to green spaces around the living area. They found that
green spaces helped reduce loneliness for 52% of the people who live alone, which is consistent with similar research in Scotland that found that green spaces can help relieve stress. They divided the test subjects into two groups. The first group went into a department store, and the other went into green areas. Results showed that stress in the group that went to green areas was reduced for 71%, which is a significant difference from the other group where stress was reduced for only 21%. 

In addition, many other studies have shown similar results, e.g., a university in the Netherlands found that living in green areas helps lessen the chances of residents getting anxiety and depression. 


It is no surprise that tree markets have had rapid growth during quarantine periods, seeing particularly high sales of air-purifying trees that can be planted inside the house. Moreover, condominiums with a large garden have become a housing option for people in the city since they long for a more natural environment. More people are looking for condominiums with a nice view where green gardens can be seen, providing relief from stress and anxiety. 

Purify the air and reduce pollution

Green spaces can also help absorb pollution and purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide, which plants use to photosynthesize and create oxygen, cleaning the air that we breathe. Furthermore, trees can act as a barrier to prevent dust build-up and block out noise. Many countries prefer to grow large plants along roads, especially on the main roads with heavy traffic, to absorb pollution from motor vehicles.  

Let's take a guess on the amount of oxygen that a single tree can absorb.

One large tree can absorb 9-15 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year and produce enough oxygen for 2-4 people, depending on the size of the tree. On top of that, trees can help reduce an area's temperature by 2-4 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, city areas are expanding rapidly nowadays. Empty spaces and green spaces have been converted into living and commercial areas, so there is a limited amount of spacious gardens. This is why buying or renting a condo or vertical community living space with a garden is a good way to heal and revive your mental health, and promote sustainability. 

 A vertical community living space with a garden can support learning. - The Forestias

Help with memorization and learning

When talking about the benefits of planting trees, or reasons to choose a condominium with a garden, many people think of clean air, relaxation and stress relief. However, do you know that living in green spaces also helps with memorization and learning? Green spaces can help improve working efficiency too. 

The University of Michigan in the United States researched this idea by dividing students into two groups, having one group walk through a garden and the other walk along a route with heavy traffic. Results showed that the group that walked through the garden had more positive emotions and better memorization abilities than the other group. These findings are consistent with other research from Australia, which shows that green spaces affect children's learning and that students from schools with green spaces nearby tend to score higher in reading, mathematics and grammar than other schools. 

Green spaces not only improve brain functioning in schools but also affect functioning in workplaces. Research done in Italy shows that being in green spaces increases work productivity by 31%, sales by 37% and targets reached by 19%. 

More importantly, children surrounded by green spaces are nurtured in their development and learning in various subjects. Children can also engage in various activities, e.g., exploring nature and observing natural changes. This is why choosing a condominium with big gardens will fulfill your family's needs, especially if you have kids in developmental stages. 

Boost happiness and improve physical conditions

One of the reasons to buy a condominium with a garden is that trees boost people's happiness. Think about it; people feel relaxed when they hear the sound of singing birds, running water and rustling leaves. They don't just have a good effect on mental health, but also on physical conditions. Green spaces help reduce the rehabilitation period needed after an operation or other treatments. This is one of the reasons that many hospitals plant gardens of various sizes on site so patients can be close to nature, letting it restore them both physically and mentally. 

Apart from rehabilitation after treatment, living around the green spaces reduces illness rates, which is why a condominium with a spacious garden or a good view through which gardens can be seen is a good choice, especially for people near retirement. 

Choosing a condominium vertical community living space with a garden and a good view provides both convenience and mental health support. Most importantly, choosing a project that focuses on garden design, incorporating ecological knowledge and a good maintenance plan. The Forestias project is a great choice for anyone who longs for nature and an ultimate home, offering a beautiful space for you to surround yourself with nature. 

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