M society - Issue 7
Jul - Sep 2012

It is correct to say that woman have taken important roles and changed society over the course of history. While the footnotes of times gone by are sure to list more ''great'' men than women, the fairer sex has equally steered a course for humanity. In this issue to mark the month of Mother's Day in Thailand, M Societycelebrates and appreciates all women who have brought value to their people. While the list of heroines is lengthy, we have narrowed our search to four great women who have changed the world enormously.

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M society - Issue 6
Apr - Jun 2012

At the moment we are in an era of advanced technologies where unique innovation occurs daily. However, before the work of a thinker is commonly accepted, his views must have been tested over time and he must be brave enough to stand by his conclusions and beliefs without being shaken by criticism. On the way to success, he must have the strength to go through failures and be able to start again, to keep trying, building, iterating and improving until he achieves his masterpiece. And when the world recognizes these thinkers and turns them into legends, this is the reward for their dedication.

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