M society - Issue 13
Feb 2014

When we think about A Modern Utopia, a book written by Herbert George Wells (H.G. Wells), we are given an insight into an imaginary world set in the future. The book is about a new world with "no positive compulsions at all" because the whole world uses the same language, currency, traditions and law including freedom of movement. People in Utopia own their properties and other assets, while all natural resources and power resources belong to everyone. These natural products are vested to the local authorities, so the natural sources of force are cheaper and people don't need to use their own labor to trade with money.

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M society - Issue 12
Oct - Dec 2013

The forerunner of the Royal Project was Suan Song Saen (200,000 Gardens) and the origin of the name came from the amount of money His Majesty the King gave to start the project in Doi Pui, Chiang Mai. Professors from Kasetsart University were selected as the pioneers for the Royal Project and they soon added Doi Ang Khang in Mon Pin, Amphur Fang, Chiang Mai province to the project, which they've since kept expanding. His Majesty the King wants hill tribes stop poppy farming and change to husbandry.

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