Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
Your invitation to Pop-Artisan at 101 True Digital Park
26 June 2019
101 True Digital Park invites DTGO members to explore traditional Thai handicrafts at the 'Sustainable Fest' with the Pop-Artisan pop-up store and exhibition "Transform + weave + handicraft".
Pop-Artisan focuses on using design to increase the value of handicrafts produced by communities throughout Thailand in the style of Saran Yen Panya, the designer and founder of 56thStudio.

The pop-up store and exhibition draws inspiration from pawn shops, antique shops, saleng cars, and furniture workshops so visitors can follow every process from exchanging old items for new ones, to resurrecting garbage or giving value to overlooked everyday objects through the artistry of skilled handicraft groups from all over the country.

The exhibition tells its story through 6 zones:

1. Assemble
The "Noodle Chair", inspired by the cheap metal chairs often found in roadside noodle shops, will appear in over a hundred pieces not yet assembled into a complete chair. Visitors can bring a chair frame to be upholstered with a cover from local materials to create a one-off item created purely to people's need.

2. Revive
Vintage chairs that have been neglected, sold, or abandoned are resurrected, reducing waste and creating rare art full of craftsmanship.

3. Exchange
The familiar wooden chair is converted into an art piece or work of installation art, where the viewer can instantly redesign the chair or change the cushion, creating a new work, as if in a pawn shop or saleng cars where antiques can be swapped for new products without restrictions, or you can bring the remaining tavern chair from your house.

4. Rebuild
Empty white space like a blank canvas is the starting point for making 56thStudio-style chairs, through dismantling, embroidery, covering, coloring, until they become glamorous furniture.

5. Celebrate
Old chairs and tables made from used materials are assembled with various local materials from all over Thailand, becoming objects for people to sit on, touch and interact with, prompting fun exchanges of views.

6. Worship
Visitors can sit down and relax in this 'living room' amid selected handicraft from all regions. Experience familiar and unfamiliar objects created through a collaboration between 56thStudio and the Heng Seng pillow-sewing shop in Charoenkrung, which has been in operation for over a 100 years, applying the pinching technique by hand to blend into the material.

Pop-Artisan is part of the 101 Sustainable Fest, open 21-30 June at Glass House, 3rd floor, 101 True Digital Park 10.00am-10.00pm.