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MQDC Expert Joins Klang Hospital Seminar on Innovation for The Elderly
Recently, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC), represented by Dr. Singh Intrachooto, chief adviser to its Research & Innovation Sustainability Center (RSIC), joined Klang Hospital's seminar titled "Collaboration among Designers & Nurses for Innovation". The seminar focused on innovation for the elderly under Thailand 4.0 policy. It was the 9th session hosted by the Bangkok Medical Service Department.

At the seminar, Dr. Singh highlighted an MQDC business principle in elevating the wellbeing of human and society. MQDC has been concerned with the rising ageing population in Thailand and is therefore in full support of research and promotion of innovation for the elderly to enhance living conditions and cope with an increasing number of senior citizens.

Dr. Singh said: "We have discussed ways to integrate design and nursing insights into medical facilities, bringing together design thinking, architectural solutions and healthcare practices. The drive was to craft healthcare innovations, which include innovations for the elderly. We knew that we needed the integration of these two domains expertise to create novel solutions that works! At the beginning, our collaboration focused on turning hospital wastes into new products to be used in healthcare facilities. We then jointly published academic papers and later collaborated on a series of researches."

Klang Hospital's objective is to develop/improve devices for healthcare uses. This objective, understanding of medical rules and regulations, coupled with feedback from the elderly and other patients, serve as the cornerstone information for designers to further develop and devise new solutions or technologies with higher efficiency and user friendliness, both ergonomically and psychologically. To succeed in such a co-creation, all partners need to exchange information and experiences; nurses who directly care for the elderly and patients, are an integral part of the innovation development with the designers who are skilled at integrating emotional and functional needs of a product. Collaboration is a must in delivering both efficiency and effectiveness. More than 20 healthcare related innovations were presented at the seminar including a measuring tab for saline intake, the stress-relief eco-scrap book, anti-pulling gloves, health shoes and mobile hair-washing equipment.

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