Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
MQDC aims to lead in quality condominiums, introducing Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao for all new-generation lifestyles
- Excellent location next to MRT Ladprao Station
- High living quality, a focus on energy saving and the environment, with ground-level and raised green areas of over 1,700 sq m
- Serves all new-generation lifestyles with customer activities and sense of living
- Building guarantee of 30 years
- 'Zero defects' delivery with special privileges until 30 September 2017

Bangkok, 28 August 2017 - Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), a leading condominium, villa, and mixed-use developer under the Magnolias and Whizdom brands, has set an ambitious goal to lead in quality condominiums by introducing Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao to serve all new-generation lifestyles. The newly launched project will offer more than quality living with its location next to MRT Ladprao Station.
Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao pays attention to quality of life, with its energy-saving and environment-friendly design, including ground-level and raised green areas of over 1,700 square meters. The building will have customer activities and a sense of living to serve all new-generation needs with a 30-year building warranty and 'zero defects' quality. The guarantee applies to the structure, roof, wiring, plumbing, windows, and doors. Buyers can obtain discounts of up to 500,000 baht until 30 September 2017.

Mr. Assada Kaeokhiao, President, Whizdom, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), said Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao will attract targeted customers such as successful urban and new-generation buyers with modern lifestyles. These people will pick the best for themselves based on five factors:

1) The best location: The project offers the best location, right by MRT Ladprao Station's exit 1. The Yellow Line will be linked in the future to the Ladprao and Samrong areas. This project is therefore in the high-potential area of Ratchada-Ladprao, whose amenities include leading shopping complexes, schools, and hospitals. The neighborhood will also become a new Bangkok business district, connecting Ratchadapisek, Rama 9, and other areas.

2) A 30-year building warranty: MQDC is the first to offer the longest building guarantee of 30 years for four elements:
The resilience of concrete structures, beams, and floors without cracks
General building strength, without roof leaks
The tap water and sanitary systems' integrity without leaks and the electricity system's safety
Durability of door and window frames without leaks

3) Neat and elegant building design with attention to every detail: The design combines energy-saving and environment-friendly features to meet the Thai Green Building Institute standard. This enables Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao to serve lifestyles and functions for better everyday living quality. Room layouts, for instance, are designed to suit body movement for comfort in every activity. Lights and air-conditioners are positioned to promote a healthy environment. The building is well aligned for sunlight and wind to achieve good air flow inside the building and to cut energy consumption. Residential units begin at the fifth floor, protecting residents from noise. The green area is designed so its trees absorb noise and dust and to improve airflow to the building.

4) Customer activities/services: Extensive customer activities and services will enable new-generation customers at Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao to enjoy true living quality. Insights in entertainment, health, networking, and knowledge sharing have contributed to the facilities. We also have a true understanding of living for condominium residences, shown in facilities for unit owners such as a car-washing area, a coffee-making corner in the lobby, BBQ stoves, washing machines and cloth dryers, first-aid kits, and maintenance boxes for customers.

5) Zero defects delivery: We are able to apply a 'zero defects' quality approach through our use of advanced technology at every stage throughout design, construction, and handover. We use building information modeling (BIM) to create a 3D model used to co-ordinate and perfect every task and process. MQDC's quality control and assurance teams use the latest tools and equipment to ensure the highest standards, so units are completed perfectly to specification. MQDC's quality assurance team is the first in Thailand to implement Novade inspection software to optimize unit transfers.

Mr Assada added that Bangkok's property market had improved significantly in the first half of the year on factors such as state investment in mass transit projects and the launch of new condominium projects. Condominiums now represent 60% of the market. Rising land prices are also driving the market forward and raising housing prices.

Project launches within Bangkok are currently down while projects are being developed and launched in fringe areas where new connected mass-transit routes are being built. Growing urbanization and lifestyle changes have been influencing the property sector and residential designs in Greater Bangkok.

"In MQDC's new development planning for the Whizdom brand in the second half, we are focusing on the delivery of Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao, worth 2.7 billion baht. Our previous project, with good feedback from customers, is Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra, which was launched in March and has sold all its units," Mr Assada said.
Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao's launch has been successful with about 90% of units reserved. Units are transferring ownership and the company hopes to sell the remaining 10% very soon.

The grand opening of Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao on 2 September will offer seven types of unit, with different designs and decorations. The company has worked with CK Furniture to attract new-generation customers. There is a co-branding package with complete furnishing by CK Furniture.

"For sales and marketing in 2017, we will communicate and do marketing through social media, a major communications channel, and out-of-home media to help build brand awareness. These channels can reach target customers and communicate with customers driving past the project. Today's customers like to use smartphones to communicate and they like travel and have outdoor lifestyles," Mr Assada said.


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