Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
The Aspen Tree joins masterclass on Thailand's aging challenges

2 August 2018, Bangkok - Ms Hye June Park, President of The Aspen Tree, presented its vision for providing services and residents for older adults at the Fast Track Seniors Living & Care Thailand 2018 Masterclass at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit hotel.

"Thailand is poised to be the first developing nation to have an 'aged society' but it also has an opportunity to become, in the words of the World Bank, 'a provider of services to the growing elderly population across the region'," said Ms Park.

"Under MQDC's policy of 'sustainnovation', The Aspen Tree will combine services and residences for 'ageing-in-place', providing every element of happy, healthy lifestyles for older adults."

Thailand's aging challenges include dementia, forecast to affect 2 million Thais by 2050, making 'brain health' a key area for The Aspen Tree. Urbanization and a declining birth rate also mean fewer older Thais will be cared for by their children, added Ms Park.

"With a mission of bringing elders back into society, The Aspen Tree will introduce innovations, partly through 'glocalization' of North American models, to provide a model for Thailand, focusing on promoting wellness and on making the home and community the main place for consistent, ongoing care," she added.