Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
Savor a royal treat at 'Inspire Me MQDC'
26 September 2019
'Inspire Me MQDC' is crowning its seasonal menu with a celebrated culinary treat from Thailand's royal court: 'Miang Kham Bua Lhuang'. Fresh lotus leaves provide the wrapping for exquisite bite-sized morsels, filled with a choice of delicious fillings and a special blend of herbs and spices. The inspiration space at ICONSIAM is now serving this historic recipe until 12 October.
MQDC residents are also invited to savor a complimentary welcome set at 'Inspire Me MQDC'. The traditional Thai dishes bring an enchanting combination of sweet and savory flavors. Fresh watermelon comes with dried fish, sticky rice with shredded pork, and sweet sticky rice with ground shrimp. This treat is served daily. And MQDC residents can enjoy 1 complimentary welcome set each day.

Indulge your taste buds with inspiring and carefully crafted dishes at 'Inspire Me MQDC' at ICONSIAM on the 1st Floor of ICONLUXE.